FR 02/09/2022

– Carlos2 (Zena Kollektiv)
– Oliv (Zena Kollektiv)
– Naria (Zena Kollektiv)
– Jakob Mäder (Constant Change)

ZENA X Constant Change
Constant Change teaming up with ZENA, a collective which stands for more FLINTA* presence in electronic music and club culture. A lineup curated by ZENA including the artists mentioned below:

Through ever-changing rhythms and moments of letting loose, Carlos2 creates spaces of feel-good-camaraderie and musical portals to possible utopias. By breaking up repetitive monotonies and dichotomies of high- and low-brow culture with fun, she aims for moments of ecstasy. With a mix of soul, house and disco, Carlos2 will keep you on your toes dancing. She’s also active in the DJ Duo Käthe&Haes who connected genuinely only after discovering their shared love for vinyl, house music and disco, while one night accidently ending up flowing through the city’s nightlife together. Bringing their experiences back to their communities the two have also created the TurnTableTennis event series – an open-decks night where anyone who wants to can try their hand at the decks. As part donor of the queer-feminist WUT collective, she also advocates for gender equality in the

Activist and artist OLIV is one co-founder of ZENA and part of Breidenbach Label. With a wide spectrum of e ff orts to generate more spaces, conversations, and networks opportunities for FLINTA* artists, OLIV is a music lover and explorer by heart. For some years OLIV has been twisting knobs and turning records – always varying between different genres like Experimental, Electroacoustic Music, Minimal, House, Tech, Breakbeat, Electro, Acid and Bass.

Naria is a Heidelberg-based DJ and co-founder of ZENA. With an ear for detail, Naria loves to search for experimental sounds, mixing different genres and adding a groovy atmosphere to any room. The music she plays varies between house, tech, breakbeat, electro, minimal and experimental. As an activist and part of ZENA, she is committed to the exchange between and visibility of FLINTA* artists.

ZENA stands for more FLINTA* presence in the field of electronic music and club culture. The aim is to make FLINTA* artists visible and support them, and also to build a network that offers a safer space for exchange and discussion. With the aim of creating a more diverse music scene through the emerging platform for FLINTA* artists, gender roles and stereotypes that are still prevalent
today are to be counteracted.

Jakob Mäder
Jakob on the local duties, warmly welcoming his guests.

Constant Change
Stuttgart based label run by Jakob Mäder.


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