SA 13/04/2024
Serial Killers – English Standup Comedy Night in Stuttgart // 20-23 Uhr

Serial Killers is an english standup comedy night that will melt your face off from laughing.

Four of Berlin’s best international comedians come to town to play longer sets. So get your affairs in order and buckle up for a wild ride of uncompromised, raw and absolutely hilarious comedy.

*This show will cover sensitive topics and adult themes. It is not intended for children unless you want to foot the bill for a good therapist. 18 + for purchase of alcohol.

Entry: 20:00I Begin: 20:30/45 I End: 22:30/45


Serial Killers – English Standup Comedy Night in Stuttgart

Dave Adams

Dave Adams is an Australian Composer, Pianist, Vocalist, Capricorn, Comedian living in Berlin.

He identifies as “strong Carrie vibes”, and a “classic Gryffindor”. Dave got in to standup by going to an open mic night in Berlin and seeing one comedian after the other bomb horrifically. He thought, “If I can just get up there and not be the worst comedian of the night, I’ll consider that on some level a success.”

He signed up for next weeks show and was by far, undeniably the worst comedian to ever do that show. Six years on he has produced and hosted some of the best comedy shows in Berlin, including ‘The Real Show’ every Tuesday at Space Meduza and is a regular headliner at Cosmic Comedy Club Berlin.

He debuted his solo hour show ‘Dave Adams Has Feelings’ to sold out crowds in 2021 and has since performed all over Europe, UK, Australia and Indonesia. He has been opening act for Allan Havey (Seinfeld/Mad Men) and was a writer for Comedy Central’s – “Was ich eigentlich sagen wollte.” And he doesn’t even speak German. He also recently appeared on Romanian TV Show ‘Stand Up Revolution.’ It’s a long story.

“He speaks in a rich, somewhat blokey tone; the kind of voice that’d help you smuggle a bottle of scotch onto a golf course.” – Beat Magazine (AUS)

Gino Christofaro

Gino is a German-Brazilian comedian and lovable fool. After starting out with comedy in NYC, Gino moved back to Berlin and became a showrunner and booker at Ma’s Comedy Club. He regularly performs around Europe and has participated at the Comedy Central Roast Battles, the American Stand Up Tour in Switzerland, Nightwash, and the Hamburg International Comedy Festival seven times.

Aside from performing, Gino is also a TV writer and has written for channels such as Comedy Central, ZDF, SWR, Paramount+, Amazon, and more!

Maya Upchurch

Half Polish, Half American, Chicago-born Maya Upchurch is an old grumpy man trapped in the body of a 21-year-old girl. Maya loves to hop on stage with her sassy, aggressive and punchline-packed rants, opinions and observations about herself. She also brings light to important cultural topics such as the fact that penguins perform necrophilia, not only making the audience laugh but also educating them along the way.

She started doing standup comedy at just 18 years old in her hometown Kraków, Poland, and since then she has relocated to Berlin and has toured all over Europe with many more places to come!

Christoph Schmid

Christoph was born and raised in the faraway lands of Venezuela, he’s come all the way to Berlin to live the dream as a stand-up comedian and writer (Comedy Central, Amazon). When someone asks, he has often been pointed out as that big dude over there, yes that one. His comedy has been described as dark, kinda like an oil spill on a nice tropical beach.

He has performed all over the place but you can mostly find him in Berlin were he also co-runs the „Roast Battle Berlin“ and the „Comedy Suicide Squad“.

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