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English Standup – Dragos – Hungry Hungry Dragon _ 20 Uhr

A citizen of the world that appeals to an international minded crowd, Dragos is a Romanian standup comedian who started his comedy journey in the wonderful country of Singapore, one of the most vibrant standup scenes in Asia!

Having done shows in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Estonia, Spain, England, Czech Republic, Romania he is now coming to Cologne to perform his solo show.

With a very unique style of comedy that can be described as Dark BUT Cute he recounts with his experiences travelling all over Asia and Europe.

Hungry Hungry Dragon is a one hour show that documents Dragos’s path through the world.


VVK Link: https://ti.to/dragos-cristian-comedy/live-english-standup-dragos-cristian-hungry-hungry-dragon-Stuttgart

Entry: 20:00 I Begin: 20:30 I End: 23:00

Free Seats . . .

What the audience is saying:

“I saw Dragos perform many times in Singapore, always very funny and very entertaining and the audience loves him! Can’t wait to see you in Europe!”
– Adrian, Australia

“Dragoš is just awesome ! It was one of the most funny nights I have ever had ! Highly recommended !”
– Liron, Israel

“Somewhat dark jokes with smart punch lines! ♥️”
– Jayr, Brazil

“Awesome! Covers everything from Jesus to brexit”
– Almas, Kazakstan

“Don’t understand why this guy doesn’t have a Netflix special yet – hilarious Eastern Europe jokes.”
– Gustav, Estonia

‘DRAGOS IS THE BEST!!! hahaha”
– Erin, China

“Great comic! Dark and silly at the same time. Awesome new addition to the Berlin scene!!”
-Vidura, Sri Lanka

“I went to watch Dragos a few years ago in Singapore and he was brilliant. Extremely entertaining and very engaging – the entire crowd we’re loving it. Definitely worth checking out!”
– Tass, Australia/ UK

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