SA 01/06
English Stand Up Comedy Stuttgart #20 Uhr

Hungarian- South African stand-up comedian Tamas Vamos is performing his first one man comedy hour: “F@#$%N Immigrant” in Stuttgart!

Moving to Vienna 5 years ago after having lived most of his life in Hungary (Europes “voldemort”), Tamas shares his experiences in working, studying, dating and other challenges a so called “F@#$&N Immigrant” would face while trying to build a new life in Austria.

Entry fee: Pre Sale: 10 Euro excl. Fee I Box Office: 12 Euro

VVK Link:

– ENTRY: 08:00 PM
– SHOW: 08:30 PM
– END: 11:00 PM
– free seats . . .

Tamas first tried doing stand up comedy in 2014 in Vienna as a “laugh” but having years of experience in improv as well as acting in theaters and small movies,he quickly got addicted and fell in love with the stage light (once again). Since then he became one of the staples of the Vienna comedy scene, he is the in-house comedian of the famous Austrian Wein &Co franchise where he runs his twice a month show “Wein & COmedy – Thirsty for a laugh?” He runs his monthly comedy showcase “Cockpit – Comedy” at the Cockpit bar and he is the founder of the stand up comedy – theater play the “Jewslim show – when a Jew and a Muslim join forces to make you laugh”.
In his free time Tamas is touring Europe with his solo show.

His storytelling style comedy is balanced perfectly with unexpected hard hitting punch lines, (very) dark humor and political incorrectness!

Host: Siavash

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