SA 16/03
CANCELLED!!! Captain Khalid’s “I Think I am Single-2”:Live in Stuttgart


Finally in Stuttgart🔥🔥💪🏻

„Have you ever really really wanted to break up with someone, but you cant coz you know you’ll be homeless – so you hang in there“ – I Think i am Single

After A successful run with his SOLD OUT solo show “I Think I am Single” around Europe,Asia and recently touring with StoryParty Group, Captain Khalid The Tanzanian Germany based comedian has consistently gained yet positive reviews both on his solo shows and features.

His StoryTelling,charm,improv,wit and delivery makes Captain enjoyable to watch.
Expect a night of raw comedy, storytelling and political incorrectness,
Tell a friend to tell a friend 💪🏼
its always fun 🍃

Tickets @ : https://captainlivest.eventbrite.com

What is said about him :

Effortlessly funny ;- TimeOut Magazine (Kuala Lumpur)

So relatable and yet so interesting, Simply hilarious – darkpebble magazine

The Africa’s Charm: The NewTimes Rwanda

Not Your Typical Comic,Impressed : The Sun, Kampala

This kid is underrated, just that : Rizal Kamal, Founder LOL Events,Malaysia

Doors Open: 19:30
Show Start : 20:00
show ends : 22:00

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Climax Institutes
Calwer Str. 25
70173 Stuttgart



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